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Iwona Malicka D.Sc - a physiotherapist specializing in oncology and lymphedema physiotherapy. The focus of her research interests is to evaluate the psychophysical condition and the effectiveness of rehabilitation of people treated for malignant tumors, especially breast cancer. She is the author and co-author of numerous national and international scientific publications including six chapters in textbooks in the field of physiotherapy. Dr. Malicka cooperates with Stowarzyszenie Amazonek Femina Fenix in Wroclaw and is the co-organizer of Lower Silesia Onkoigrzyska Dzieci i Młodzieży. Nordic Walking instructor.
Professionally and privately she is still interested in new challenges. She enjoys traveling and photography.

Jadwiga Wais Ph.D., a sociologist and an anthropologist who specializes in fairy tales and spiritual transformation. Author of books: Gilgamesz i Psyche (2001), Ścieżki baśni (2007), Bracia Grimm i Siostra Śmierć (2014). She is currently writing a book about Shakespeare. Dr. Wais is interested in social psychology in practice, poetry and film.

Agnieszka Malicka - Doctor of Law and German teacher. Scientifically she deals with the Polish and German constitutional law and human rights, in particular regulations concerning the admissibility of conducting medical experiments involving humans. She also teaches legal German. She is the author and co-author of national and international publications in the field of Polish and German law, translation of legal texts and co-author of a textbook on teaching legal German. Dr. Malicka is a member of the German - Polish Lawyers Association (Deutsch-Polnische Juristen-Vereinigung e.V.) with headquarters in Berlin and a member of its scientific council publishing a professional magazines DPJZ (Deutsch-Polnische Juristen-Zeitschrift).
Professionally and privately she takes up new challenges willingly and consistently strives to implement them. In her spare time, she likes long coastal hikes, a good book, traveling and exploring new places and taking pictures.

Dominik Piłat - Graphic Designer, trained in branding. In his research and professional work he specializes in corporate identity and communication design. In everyday life Dominik casualy combines his artistic soul with cold rationalism. He likes challenges, sea breeze and cooled down tea. He is also an artichoke enthusiast.