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Małgorzata Synowiec-Piłat Ph.D. - a sociologist specializing in medical sociology and health promotion. She conducts qualitative research on the social aspects of chronic diseases, especially cancer. Her primary research interests are the behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs about health and illness, intersectoral action in health promotion activities and NGOs. As well as the development of "patient for patient" movement, importance of social support in the treatment of patients, and the use of social influence tools in the creation and implementation of campaigns and pro-social programs. She is the author of „Health promotion and preventive oncology activities in non-governmental organizations,“ more than 40 scientific articles, and co-editor of 6 monographs.

Professionally and privately she likes to act, to create something new, to make plans and implement them. Her passion is art, especially gothic architecture and expressive secession. Privately, she loves mountain expeditions, a good book, theater, discovering new places and tastes and wandering the winding streets of Italian towns. Above all, she likes people, invariably giving them a lot of credit.
Michał Jędrzejek – doctor of medicine, health promotion enthusiast! His primary professional interests are family medicine, public health, and health promotion. He graduated medical school with honors and was the Ministry of Science and Higher Education scholar. Currently, he is doing specialization in family medicine and he has started a doctoral degree. He has a holistic approach to patients. He is patient and empathetic. The author of several scientific articles.

Professionally and privately constantly has new ideas and successfully implements them. In his spare time, he enjoys meeting with friends and actively spending the day. He likes theater, a good movie, and traveling. In new places he willingly tries new things, especially discovering local cuisine, always taking a lot of photographs.
Anna Pałęga Ph.D. – a psychologist, specializing in environmental psychology. Her qualitative research focuses on the ways that the natural and built environments contribute to human well-being (or not). Her primary interests are environmental aesthetics and the aesthetics of everyday life, psychological processes that bring us closer to the natural world or alienate us from it, attitudes and beliefs about health and disease, the impact of creativity on health. The author of several scientific publications.

Professionally and privately she likes to experience the beauty of the world around us. Her passion is contemporary art and handcraft. Personally, she loves long walks along side nature or night walks around the city streets, a good book, physical activity and pleasant conversations. She is calm, tolerant and persistent.